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For the Love of Stanning

Stan World was established in 2019 to craft a Fandom Party World where fans can party 24/7

Fandoms used to be just a group of people who like the same STARs, but fandoms have evolved into a heavily collective and strategic force, making them go the extra mile in their activities to promote their STARs on their own.

Whether it's K-Pop, P-Pop, V-Pop, Pop,  J-pop, etc, active fandoms tend to be well structured, and have a daily scheduled task, which turns them into Super Fans. These Super Fans are nowadays called 'Stans'.

Whether they are students or young professionals, they go through a daily routine of launching promotion campaigns and spreading them massively on social media to encourage more streaming and views of their STARs' music videos or events.

Being K-Pop fans ourselves, we noticed that the devotion and time spent by the Stans often go unnoticed. Thus was the birth of Stan World with a mission to reward these fans with the credit they deserve, an opportunity of creating a new economy captured from fan interactions and activities.

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We’re based in Seoul & Los Angeles

Silicon Beach founders from Los Angeles meet game and entertainment industry veterans in Korea to create a metaverse app for the global Generation Z audience.

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It takes the world's best talent to change the game.

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