Backend Programmer

Full Time

Seoul, Korea

Job Description

  • Administer Stan World’s Database (e.g. AWS RDS, Redis), develop dashboards, and provide technical support

  • Build and maintain a system for Database advancement

  • Maintain optimum performance via improvements such as optimization, monitoring, troubleshooting

  • Build and maintain data pipelines


  • Job experience not required

    • However, if applicant has no job experience : a minimum of 6 months in DBMS training required

      • Important : skills & commitment

      • Not important : length of job experience

  • Flexible communication skills with an emphasis on collaboration

  • Knowledge and experience in Public Cloud services (AWS)

  • Experience in Stan World’s Database (e.g. AWS RDS, Redis)

  • Experience in web front-end programming (e.g. Vue.js, php - Laravel)

  • Experience in tuning database performance and in tuning queries

  • Experience in planning and managing Database Monitoring

  • Proficiency in grasping causal factors in difficult problems and in solving said problems

  • Knowledge in the basics of data modeling

  • Experience in heterogeneous Database migration

  • Ability to focus on the strategy to solve problems, rather than expressing discontent


  • Experience in programming in Docker environments

  • Experience in data modeling & assisting data modeling

  • Willingness to learn new programming environments, languages, and techniques

  • Ability to learn quickly and effectively