Server Programmer

Full Time

Seoul, Korea


1. Job experience not required

2. Ability to analyze problems via causal reasoning and to solve problems

3. Experience in developing online multiplayer game servers

- Experience in developing with C++ and Java

- Experience in network programming/socket programming

- Experience in multithreading

- Comprehension of algorithms and data structures

4. Ability to design and develop game content according to requirements set in planning

5. Fluency in communication with individuals from various occupations

6. Application Requirements

- A comprehensive documentation of your experience with programming, with an emphasis on:

     - Contents of problems you solved

     - Process and steps in solving those problems

     - Results of the solved problems​

- Portfolio submission required


1. Experience in using and developing cloud platforms

- Experience in using AWS or other cloud services

- Experience in using various AWS services

- Experience with developing within an AWS-based environment

2. Ability to build services regardless of language or structure/environment

3. Maria(MySQL) DB

4. Experience in Redis

5. Experience in developing Java-based SmartFoxServer