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Technical Artist

Full Time

Seoul, Korea


  • 2+ years of TA experience

  • Deep understanding and application of graphics production and Unity engine

  • Knowledge of technical art regarding graphics in general

  • Knowledge and experience in Unity optimization

  • Deep understanding of Unity engine

  • Ability to build Unity shaders

  • Deep understanding of programming languages

  • Ability to build tools

  • Ability to manage and mediate tasks among development teams and to build guides with a positive mindset

  • Qualification for traveling overseas

- Portfolio submission required


  • 1+ project(s) commercialized as technical artist

  • Basic understanding of programming languages (C/C++, HLSL, Python)

  • Basic understanding of profiling tools (e.g. RenderDoc, NSight)

  • Programming skills (at least 1 of : C#, Maxscript, Python)

  • Experience as modeler or 3D animator

  • Mathematical, analytical professionalism for TA tasks

  • Job experience in visual technology, such as video / movies

  • Experience in software (app) development, from initial stages to commercialization

  • Live service experience / understanding of worldwide service

  • Ability to express thoughts via various methods (e.g. documents, video, images, tools)

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